FapRoulette: Select Categories or Create your own!!

FapRoulette.org is a website mainly build to provide the best Fap Roulette there is on the internet.
So try the Fap Roulette now!

What is a Fap Roulette?
It is a random instruction picker for your mastrubation time. There are over 1 trilion (!) possibilities, so good luck
trying them all out!

Why did you create this website?
Although the concept already exsisted online, there were no easy-to-use tools to create the right instructions. With some expierence in creating websites, I started this website on June 1st 2013. Since then, with the help from people all over the internet, I have not stopped to improve FapRoulette. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. I am always looking for ways to make the website better and better.

What is the Random Pornstar function?
As the name suggests, this function is to get a random pornstar from the database. You can then continue to a movie/clip starring this star.
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