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Title Description Possibilities Orientation View
Sissy Sissy 0 sissy
Test Icle 0 straight
Test Icle 0 straight
The new one You choose 786,432 straight
bklacked 12 straight

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Title Description Likes Orientation View
Sissy Sissy 1 sissy
Easy Sissy This is an easier version of the Si... 1 sissy

Most likes this month

Title Description Likes Orientation View
Sissy Dress Up Fap All tasks to be done before fapping... 1 unknown
Peg Training Game Train to be a better sissy 1 sissy
Sissy bondage For some softcore self-torture, res... 1 sissy
Sissy Slave Hookup Find a Master, and Serve your sente... 1 sissy
What to Wear FAP You need to dress up before you Cum 1 straight

Most likes this year

Title Description Likes Orientation View
Total slavery very twisted and dangerous, take ca... 35 unknown
new life you are given a new life, starting ... 31 straight
cruising roulette Go to a cruising spot - best an adu... 31 unknown
cuckold roulette You need a GF or wife - or do it ju... 31 unknown
The Sissy Fap Roulette Not straight. Not gay. Somewhere in... 27 sissy