Fap Roulette

The Fap Roulette Original

The Roulette that was there since the beginning

Categories: 5
Possibilities: 1,215,000
Orientation: straight

The Sissy Fap Roulette

Not straight. Not gay. Somewhere in between: sissy!

Categories: 12
Possibilities: 7,491,612,894,480,000
Orientation: sissy

Easy Sissy

This is the roulette of the month.

Categories: 8
Possibilities: 17,696,448
Orientation: sissy

Fap Roulette: Select Categories or Create your own

FapRoulette.org is a website mainly build to provide the best Fap Roulette there is on the internet.
So try the Fap Roulette now!

What is a Fap Roulette?

It is a random instruction picker for your mastrubation time. There are over 1 trilion (!) possibilities, so good luck trying them all out!
You can also make your own fap roulette. In order to create your own fap roulette you need to register or login and you will be able to create your own categories and entries for your very own fap roulette.

What is the Sissy Fap Roulette?

The Sissy version of the best Fap Roulette available online. Categories like Clothing, Humiliation and Feminization will bring new tasks for you to follow. The Sissy Fap Roulette is not for everyone.

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